Enhancing the Management Effectiveness of the Scientific Research Achievements at Colleges and Universities


In recent years, with an increasing number of scientific research findings at colleges and universities, the management of them is increasing step by step. Meanwhile, the work task is also growing. Wonderful management of scientific research is of great significance to promote the development of scientific research in higher educational institutions. This paper, aiming at disadvantages existing in the management of scientific research in our country, put forward a suggestion that is to enhance the management effectiveness of the scientific research achievements at colleges and universities by sounding the management system, making full use of the modern information technology, increasing the investment of funds, realizing the combination of production as soon as possible, strengthening the construction of scientific research innovation team to implement the scientific, accurate, timely, orderly scientific research management goal.


Keywords: scientific research; management; effectiveness

Xuepeng Chien & Meilin Jiao