Computer Aided Design Reasoned Issues in the Interior Architectural Design Education


As the information technologies develop, the use of digital media can be seen as standard in many design fields today. Like in all other professions, this rapid alteration makes revisions and updates in interior design education ineluctable. Concerning the fact that interior architectural design education favors a dominance of final presentation over the design process in the studio environment, the evaluation discomforts caused by the computer generated presentations become much more critical. The main intention of this paper is to question, whether the attitudes of the students and the instructors on the subject is coherent with what they put into practice and discuss the reasons of these discrepancies. While majority of the instructors say that they positively approach to combined hand and computer techniques, the analysis of the final grade distribution for each technique displays another fact. Success ratio of the computer only presented projects are much greater than both hand drawn and hand and computer combined technique used projects. The results arise some major questions for the design education community to discuss.


Keywords: Interior architecture, Computer aided design, Design education, Jury evaluation

Juraj K. Macekova & Rosfiah N. Basrir