Bibliometric and Visual Analysis of Breast Surgery


In the past, various female breast diseases, especially breast cancer, often required a total mastectomy. With advances in medical treatment, developments in chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and changes in the concept of breast surgery, concerns about the anatomical appearance of patients’ breasts and their prognosis have been incorporated into the treatment in addition to targeting the initial disease. In recent years, breast conserving surgery has not only performed well in preserving the anatomical appearance of patients’ breasts, but has also demonstrated the same prognosis as conventional total mastectomy when combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Additionally, breast conserving surgery has been consistently verified for its therapeutic efficacy and superiority, receiving successive recognition from relevant professionals as a safe and effective treatment for patients who meet the criteria, and it may even result in satisfactory curative efficacy. Therefore, this study attempts to guide the future direction of breast surgery by presenting new scientific evidence obtained through the integration of academic research and literature resources using technology.


This study employed the Web of Science Core Collection database, an online research-oriented academic resource integration platform, and made full use of the platform’s information search, data access, management, and evaluation features to explore knowledge and information related to breast surgery as a whole. Additionally, bibliometric analysis was conducted by adopting the modeling and clustering techniques of VOSviewer The data structure and relationship weights of the literature were visualized in a simulated vector space through clustering and mapping algorithms, presenting the trends of changes in the knowledge structure in an obvious, direct, and colorful way.


Keywords: bibliometric, breast surgery, visual analysis, VOSviewer.

Li-Ren Liou¹,²,*, Yu-Lung Wu³, Lin Hsiao Man⁴,⁵