School Heads' Preparation and Development in Mexico, a Story That Has Not Yet Been Told


In recent educational reforms in Mexico school heads play an important role to carry out the proposed improvements at school levels. This paper presents a general perspective of school heads preparation and development in Mexico. Based on an analysis of recent educational reforms, and also research conducted in Mexico and at international level it is concluded that Mexico is not doing enough to professionally prepare and develop school heads. There has been some progress for school heads with recently educational policy particularly in the new procedures for appointment to headship. However, professional preparation remains unattended since will not be offered or required preparation in leadership and school management for newly appointed heads. The panorama in the future seems problematic since it is considered just preparation for practising heads. This leaves Mexico in a weak position compared to what is done by the countries that are at the forefront of school heads’ development.

Keywords: School heads, preparation and development, Mexico.

Argelia Estrada