Development of English Language Learning Model with Multiple Intelligence Approach to Improve Students Character


This research aimed to: (1) describe the implementation of learning English using the Multiple Intelligence in elementary school in the village Kadipiro Surakarta in 2013;(2) To describe the advantages and disadvantages of the components of learning English using the Multiple Intelligence in primary schools in Sub Kadipiro Surakarta in 2013;(3) Discovering models of learning English using for elementary school age children in the village Kadipiro Surakarta in 2013.This research was conducted by using research and development method in 12 elementary schools in Surakarta Indonesia. There are there techniques to collect the data, namely: interview, observation and questionnaire. ADDIE ( Anlysis , Design, Develop , Implementation and Evaluation ) was employed to analyzed the data. Based on the result of the research, it can be found that to develop a model based on multiple intelligence can answer the teacher need and problem in teaching and learning. The students’ individual potential, like motivation, interest and attitude must be considered in developing the model. This proto type of model will be implemented in the next year to measure its effectiveness.

Key words: Multiple Intelligence, Character, Teaching English for young learners.

Sri Handayani, Anita Trisiana