Administration of the Udugampola Sub- kingdom : A Historical and Archaeological Legacy


This paper aims to bring forward with a new perspective on the remaining factors concerning the historical and archaeological backdrop of Udugampola sub Kingdom of the Kotte kingdom existent in the history of Sri Lanka. A trail of  provincial  administrations  ruled by  deputies  under the guidance of the king can be observed at certain periods in the  history of Sri Lanka. Such an administrative  divisions  were called a UpaRajadhani  or Sub- kingdoms. Udugampola at the Gampaha District is one of such sub- Kingdoms of the Kotte Kingdom. The available historical sources such as the battle of Alakeshwara in Rajaawaliya provide proof for the fact that  king SakalakalaWallakabahu ,the son of Veeraparakramabahu VIII of Kotte had ruled this region, during the Kotte period. The palace of the king of Udugampola was at the premises of present  Uttararama temple, where a pond and remnants of a moat is still being identified. However this legacy is diminishing with each passing day. In the spotlight cast over prominent ancient kingdoms such as Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the value and importance of ancient sub- kingdoms like these with archaeological significance stands diminished. With very limited discussion about these sites, the possibility to be forgotten over time threatens the existence of their evidence.