Corruption: Its Perception, Phenomenon and Measurements


This article articulate the phenomenon and perception of corruption as a starting point to grasp some of the methods which are used to measure and rank the level of corruptions from various countries. The author believe that, the perception and phenomenon of corruption are all the same from various countries; as we all know and believe that the roots, causes and consequences of corruption are same no matter conducted in developed or under developing countries .

The first part of this article presents the meaning and understanding of and partial prescribe forms of corruption as to provide clear understanding of corruption from its immense diversity to the readers; and the second part articulate the measurement and methods which are taken to measure the level of corruption. Measurements of corruption have various ways to measure and are stipulated by Transparency Index and Corruption Perception Index. Those various methods provide similar results to those countries, though the instruments differ in data collecting.

Key words: Corruption, Transparency Index, and Corruption Perception Index

Bullu Saphy Lal