Influence of Parents’ Support on Pupils’ Transition From Pre-Primary Schools to Lower Primary Schools In Jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria


The study focused on the influence of parents’ support for pupils’ transition from pre-primary schools to lower primary schools. The focus was on Jimeta, a major city that is located in Adamawa state, Nigeria. UNICEF views parents’ readiness and support as the extent to which parents understand the importance of education for their children. The article further states that parental support in areas such as direct participation in school activities academic encouragement and expectations for pupils’ attainment had helped pupils to experience the positive transition to school. The researchers used descriptive survey research design to gather information from selected respondents. Descriptive survey research design was considered appropriate for this study because facts, opinions and authentic information about the current study would be obtained.  Parents’ Support was measured by actions parents undertake which included: feeding and emotional support such as playing with a child, parents helping with homework and siblings familiarizing children to the schools before their enrolment in primary one. The study revealed that parents who agreed that they fed their children before they go to school were 87.65%. Parents unanimously agreed that they provide the necessary school materials for their children (100%). However, some 12% of parents confessed that they do not provide food for their children to take to school. Besides, 55% of parents declared that they assist their children with their homework. Finally, 42% of the parents said they encourage their children to attend school. The study revealed that parents visited their children’s schools to find out about their performance. It also showed that parents assisted their children with their homework. Although the study revealed that quite a number of parents attended Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings, some never attended but send a representative. The study concluded that parents’ support had helped pupils to transit to formal schooling   but it was not very smooth.


Key words: Parents’ support, transition from pre-primary schools to lower primary schools


Rachel W. Kamau- Kang’ethe & Wanjohi Githinji