Students Perspectives on Inclusion, A case Study of Kenyatta University- Kenya



The purpose of this research was to establish the academic and social inclusion of students with disabilities in Institutions of higher learning at Kenyatta University in Kenya. The paper focused on the academic and social support as experienced by the students in the course of their studies at the institution. The study adopted a descriptive survey method using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, including questionnaires and Interview to collect data. 29 students with various disabilities participated in the study and 1 administrator in working in the disability service directorate. Findings indicate that students perceived a lack of inclusion in the issuance of academic materials and participation in excursions while in social activities the least inclusive activities were hobbies and major University activities like the culture week and the major conclusions were that the University should be enhanced to include a Disability Support section.  And develop strategies for disability inclusion in every aspect of the students’ academic and nob-academic life and that the section should provide advice to respective units within the University accordingly.


Keywords: Inclusion, Disabilities, Academic, Social, Participation, Higher Education, Students.

Nelly Were Otube (PhD)