Vol. 1 No. 4 June, 2016
Title: The Eyes of Photographers and Cinema Directors: China Transforming
Author: Paroje Zinémez
Title: The Main Points of Case during the Period of Law Revision
Author: Jou-xinLau
Title: The Relationship between students’ motivation, attitude and motivational intensity toward English Learning
Author: Dr. Ravindra Fida
Title: The Significance of Brainstorming in Developing ESP Reading Comprehension
Author: Mohaimanul Ahmed
Title: The Social Position of Women within the Safavid Dynasty Musical Community
Author: Zafari Jaker
Vol. 1 No. 3 May, 2016
Title: The Role of a Liberal Arts Education in Economic Development
Author: Jeremy Cripps
Title: Structural Inequality and Crime in City: The Determinant
Author: Nur Annizah Ishak
Title: An International Case Analysis of Chinese TV Dating Programs
Author: Xiaochi, Zhang
Title: Socio-economic Factors as Attributes for Examination Malpractice Among Secondary School Students of Cross River State-Nigeria: Implication for Unemployment
Author: German Effa Anagbogu, Clement Ojim Idajor
Title: Trend Analysis of Poverty And Urban Crime in Nigeria since 1999
Author: Bula Hannah Orwar
Title: An Anatomy of Tragic Femininity in Southeast European Literature
Author: Diana Codruţa CHERCOTĂ DAJU
Title: Comparing Public and Private Hospital Health Care - Applicability of SERVQUAL
Author: Dr.R.Kavitha
Title: Issues and Challenges in the Practice of Performance Appraisal Activities in the 21st Century
Author: Emi Pujiastuti and 1Mulyono
Title: The Pattern of Development for Language Learning Programme (An Empirical Study)
Author: Dr. H. Azis Mahfuddin
Title: The Communication Patterns of Teachers in Inclusion School Based Theory of Dialetics Relaksional
Author: Fae Rahmi Wanita
Vol. 1 No. 1 March, 2016
Title: Current Issue
Title: Current Issue