Vol. 1 No. 11 January, 2017
Title: Audience Participation in and perception of AIT’s current affairs programme “Focus Nigeria”
Author: Dr. Nsikan-Abasi S. Nkana; MNIPR & Mirriam C. Duruson
Title: Arrangement for Professional Learning: A Review of Literature
Author: Rosniah Azman Nekane
Title: The Apprehensions of Providing Distance Education Programmes for Professional Teachers in Ghana
Author: Adewale Aziziyana Berhani & Khadijah Mohd Adeyemi
Title: The Contemplations on the Attempted Extermination of African Indigenous Languages
Author: Khairulnizam Mat Khambali
Title: Regenerating the African Nations through meeting Young Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health Needs
Author: Dr. Jamil El-Doaihi
Vol. 1 No. 10 December, 2016
Title: Participation of Course Teaching Evaluation System (CTES) as ICT tool in Educational Management
Author: Nakoo Mustan PhD, Rahmad Sukor Ab Samad PhD, Komathi Chellapan & Mohamed Iskandar Rahmad Sukor
Title: Relationship of Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) with Employees Satisfaction in the National Youth Skills Institute Malaysia
Author: Nakoo Mustan PhD, Rahmad Sukor Ab Samad PhD & Kogilavani A/P Krishnan
Title: Teachers’ Implementation of the i-think Program in the ESL Classroom: A Case Study
Author: Ainon Omar, Haniff Abdul Zubiar & Goh Hock Seng
Title: Assessment of Kenya’s montane forest ecosystems: A case study on the Cherangani Hills in Western Kenya
Author: Chebii Willy Kibet
Title: The Effects of Occupational Therapy Module on Language and Cognitive Acquisition among Down Syndrome Children
Author: Madhya Zhagan
Title: Investing Relationship between Motivational Strategies and Employee Performance in Selected Secondary Schools in Kenya: A Case of Makueni County
Title: Childbirth and Children in the Iban Society of Sarawak
Author: Dr Chemaline Anak Osup
Title: Species composition and fatty acid profile in family Leiognathidae sampled from west coast of Sri Lanka
Author: W.A.Y.Chandrani & J. Wattevidanage
Vol. 1 No. 9 November, 2016
Title: VAT on Tourism Sector: Legality vs. Legitimacy
Author: Dr. Damas Daniel Ndumbaro
Title: The Cyber Law and Freedom of Expression: The Tanzanian Perspectives
Author: Dr. Damas Daniel Ndumbaro
Title: Effect of In-Store Logistics Operations Practices on Customer Satisfaction in Supermarkets in Mombasa Country, Kenya
Author: Mwendwa Bernard, Rucha Kingsford & Ogilo Fredrick
Title: Effect of Enterpreneurial Orientation on the Performance of Income Generating Activities in Public Secondary Schools in Murang’a South Sub-County, Kenya
Author: Mary Wangari Mwangi & Gregory Simiyu Namusonge Ph.D
Title: Effect of Debt Capability on the Indebtedness of Employees in the Formal Sector in Kenya
Author: Morris Irungu Kariuki, Willy M. Muturi Ph.D & Cyrus Iraya Mwangi Ph.D
Title: The “Sacred” in a Context of Social Change; An Analysis of Armah’s Fragments, Achebe’s No Longer at Ease and N’Gugi’s The River Between
Author: Dr. Koffi Jérôme KRA
Title: Poetic Language Working as a Catharsis in Philip Larkin’s Poetry
Author: Dr Ezoulé Miézan Isaac KANGAH
Vol. 1 No. 8 October, 2016
Title: The Alteration of Plans to Strengthen the Scientific Research Management
Author: Wang Xiaojing & Yuanjun Leyle
Title: Structural – Functionalism: Its Relevance to Medical Profession
Author: Archibong, Esther P (PhD)
Title: The Role of Virtual Travel Community as Shopping Reference Group
Author: Sai-Keong, Chan & Fei-Nee, Lee
Title: Fast Foods Consumption and Contribution to Nutrient Intake of Nigerian University Students
Author: Dr. Hannah Akoth Orwar
Title: Extra Cost of Special Learning Needs Incurred by Students with Apparent Disabilities Enrolled in Public Universities: A Case of Kenyatta University, Kenya
Author: Dr. Beatrice Bunyasi Awori & Judith Chepkorir
Title: A Result or Condition of Internationalisation of Higher Education
Author: Dr Touhidul Firoz
Title: Creating Awareness on Public Health and Well-Being among Rural Dwellers in Cross River State, Nigeria
Author: Bell Delillo, Ph.D
Title: Academic Literacy Practices in Science domain: The case of Yemen
Author: Dr. Julaga M. Ridhwan, PhD
Title: The Role of Acculturation, Acculturative Stress and Familismo in the Underutilization of Mental Health Services by Latino Immigrants Diagnosed with Depression: Obstacles to Treatment
Author: Douglas Edgar
Vol. 1 No. 7 September, 2016
Title: A Qualitative Inquiry: Islamic Microfinance and SMEs Development in Saudi Arabia
Author: Saleem Jafori & Afzal Al Mamun
Title: Research into Scientific Secretary’s Work under Industry-Study-Research Cooperation in University
Author: Li Huan & Wu Junjie
Title: Epistemic Modalities in Legitimation Process: A Strategic Resource in Morrison’s SULA
Author: Zorobi Philippe TOH
Title: Totalitarianism in Sri Lanka: A Study of Law and Cultural Industry
Author: Bipul Obeyrathn, Anil Zayarathn
Title: Situation-Based Learning in Elementary School: Enhancement of Students’ Mathematical Creative Problem Solving Ability
Author: Maya Ardagh & Kathrein Borges
Title: Society’s Role in Creating Neurotics: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Pinter’s The Caretaker
Author: Jeffrey Figes
Title: Relationship between Money and Prices in Albania: The Direction
Author: Agatha Chaucer
Title: The Need of a Study in Connecting the Aspirations of the National Philosophy of Education in Malaysia to Environmental Awareness
Author: Evie Eliot and Niall Frank
Title: Analysis of the Twenty Years of Creating Alternative Banking System in Malaysia
Author: Jubair Al Seleem
Vol. 1 No. 5 July, 2016
Title: Emerging Dimensions of the Geopolitics of the Horn of Africa
Author: Edward Waithaka and Patrick Maluki
Title: Resolving Conflicts using Indigenous Institutions: A Case Study of NJURI-NCHEKE of Ameru, Kenya
Author: Dr. Kirema Nkanata Mburugu & Prof. David Macharia